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    @LiSaumet from @bombaestereo looking amazing wearing our tie dye kimono!
    @chirrindongo wearing our signature sarape shirt on Pal' Norte festival in Monterrey!
    Alex James from @Blur  rocking his sarape Tee in Guadalajara, México.
    Alex James Blur
    Brian King from @japandroids looking great with our sarape tee.
    @Chairlift looking great in the sarape tee during Corona festival '15!
    Bae @luurdaneta rocking our Sarape Genuina yoga mat! Love it!
    Blogger @Yolis_Trasfi wearing the sarape tank top and tee
    Pola looking fab in our #GenuinaPet dog collar!
    @Diegui10 rocking the Sarape tee with wifey
    DFCC's @Groolla looking great on the sarape tee
    @RafaelRosales representing Mexico in our sarape tee next to Ron Howard and Tom Hanks!
    Miami ITest couple wearing our sarape tees looking amazing!
    @NatalieVarone @AndresNava